Oct 22, 2014

Graffiti6 Releases New Material

I might be slow but I just realised that Graffiti6 released an new album in the spring of this year!
I loved their latest album, so I'm very pleased with this new material. The new album is called "The Bridge" and I find it is very much their style. Quite a few potential hits on there. The latest single is the title song of the album, and you can have a listen below. LOVE IT!

Aug 15, 2014

John Legend - All of Me

The smooth voice that is John Legend is winning me over once again. His newest single "All of Me" is a massive hit and has already been remixed by Tiësto as well. What more can you want?! If you haven't already had a listen to this beautiful song, here is your chance!

Aug 2, 2014

Ella Henderson - Ghost

Ella Henderson is an X-factor contestant from England. She is only 18-years-old and "Ghost" is her debutsingle. A very cheery pop song with a catchy chorus. It's beginning to be one of my summer anthems! Her album "Chapter One" will be released the 22nd of September.