Apr 18, 2015

XOV - Lucifer

Damian Ardestani is the man behind XOV. At the moment he's one of Sweden's most interesting artists, so you should take notice and listen to his new EP Lucifer. The EP is filled with dark pop and my favorite tune of now "Lucifer".
Check it out below!

Oct 22, 2014

Graffiti6 Releases New Material

I might be slow but I just realised that Graffiti6 released an new album in the spring of this year!
I loved their latest album, so I'm very pleased with this new material. The new album is called "The Bridge" and I find it is very much their style. Quite a few potential hits on there. The latest single is the title song of the album, and you can have a listen below. LOVE IT!

Aug 15, 2014

John Legend - All of Me

The smooth voice that is John Legend is winning me over once again. His newest single "All of Me" is a massive hit and has already been remixed by Tiësto as well. What more can you want?! If you haven't already had a listen to this beautiful song, here is your chance!